Hey, guys!! My name is Aimee, I am twenty-three with two toddlers who are eleven months apart, Wrenly and Cayman. I'm married to my husband, Corey who is 24. Corey and I got married in January of 2017 so we have been married for almost three and a half years now! I graduated with my bachelors in Social Work in 2018 from Limestone College. I have such a heart for that field of work and if you ever have time to talk about it feel free to DM/message or email me, I would LOVE to talk. Also, feel free to DM about anything really, I am an open book and love to chat with you all! Currently I am a part-time online teacher and part-time blogger. Our house starts every morning with coffee, diapers and probably a little Mickey Mouse Club House!

I started this blog right after I graduated college as a creative outlet. I have always enjoyed curated pictures and feeds and thought it would be fun to have one myself! I also love to show real life and not just all the pretty stuff, so be sure to watch my Instagram stories to see all the craziness.  I am so happy you stopped by and read this,  be sure to stay connected with me by subscribing to my emails and following my social pages!

Welcome to my blog!