Hey, guys!! My name is Aimee, I am twenty-five with two toddlers who are eleven months apart, Wrenly (4) and Cayman (3.) I'm married to my husband, Corey. We got married in January of 2017 so we have been married for almost 4 and a half years now! Wow! I graduated with my bachelors in Social Work in 2018 from Limestone University. Fun fact: I completed a final exam in the hospital, right after giving birth, before Cayman was discharged!  I have such a heart for that field of work and if you ever have time to talk about it feel free to DM me, I would LOVE to talk. Also, feel free to DM about anything really, I am an open book and love to chat with you all! Currently I am a stay at home mom (so blessed to be able to do that) and part-time blogger. Our house starts every morning with coffee, Disney Princesses and excavators!

I started this blog right after I graduated college as a creative outlet. I have always enjoyed curated pictures and feeds and thought it would be fun to have one myself! I also love to show real life and not just all the pretty stuff, so be sure to watch my stories to see all the craziness.  I am so happy you stopped by and read this,  be sure to stay connected with me by subscribing to my emails and following my social pages!

Welcome to my blog!