• Aimee Powell

$3.06 Aldi Flatbread!

Here are the exact ingredients and prices for the flatbread!

This past week I decided I wanted to add more vegetables to our dinner to make sure we are getting our full serving of veggies. What a better way to enjoy veggies than on a PIZZA?!

We added ground beef but this it definitely optional. Also, we added a lot of veggies on top that ONE flatbread was enough for Corey and I. That means for dinner we both ate for $3.06!! That is really hard to beat! This is one of the million reasons I LOVE Aldi's!!

Below are the exact ingredients that we used on our flatbread. The total for these products came to $12.24, that means we both eat four meals for under $15! Also, we have extra toppings left over so I plan on buying another pack of flatbreads so we can enjoy them for another week! I added the picture so that they were easier to recognize when you are grocery shopping. I also added a link to each picture so that you can view the product on the Aldi's website if you prefer.

~Naan Flatbread-$3.49

~Four Cheese Sauce -$0.79

~Spinach-$1.19 (sale price)

~Bell Peppers-$2.79

~2lb Sweet Onion-$1.79

~Shredded Mozzerlla-$2.49

~Whole Mushrooms-$1.39

Here is the link for the Aldi Weekly AD to help finish your shopping list. Click on an item in the ad and it will add it to your virtual shopping list! https://www.aldi.us/en/weekly-specials/our-weekly-ads/


Aimee Powell