• Aimee Powell

ALDIS Meal Plan

This is my first post on my meals from ALDI. This was our grocery list:

⌘ green beans

⌘ broccoli - two packs

⌘ split-top wheat bread

⌘ reduced-fat cheese cracker (cheez-it)

⌘ bananas

⌘ avocados

⌘ clover honey

⌘ hazelnut creamer

⌘ boxed dinner kit- cheeseburger

⌘ taco seasoning - two packs

⌘ sea salt butter

⌘ flour tortillas

⌘ organic mac & cheese

⌘ canned green beans - two cans

⌘ 2.25 lb of ground turkey

⌘ organic squeeze pouches

⌘ unsweetened vanilla almond milk

⌘ diapers

⌘ Mexican style cheese

⌘ puffs - two containers

⌘ organic apple juice

⌘ pepper

The total came to $46!

We had left over chicken breast from last week I froze that I will be using for these meals as well. Rarely do we ever have a carb with dinner. Corey is on a diet so not having a carb cuts out a big chunk of calories & we eat mostly bagels or avocado toast for breakfast so we get our daily value in. Also, we typically eat so many veggies it fills us up.

Sunday: Sunday was Cinco De Mayo, so of course we made tacos! We did not fix a vegetable for this meal. We used 1/4 of the ground turkey, one taco seasoning pack, flour tortillas and the shredded cheese. We already had onion so I chopped that and threw it into the meat while it was cooking. We topped them with Corey's favorite, Topatio hot sauce and store bought Taco Bell sauces!

Monday: Because I had errands to run and book-sets to finish I am going for the quick dinner tonight. I picked up ALDIS brand of Hamburger Helper kits. I grabbed the Ultimate Cheeseburger box which only calls for meat. I will be adding in our ground turkey and roasting some broccoli (topped with peanut oil, Cavender's seasoning, salt and pepper) to go along with it.

Tuesday: Tuesday is taco Tuesday, of course! We eat tacos A LOT! This time I will be using chicken instead of ground beef. I usually make the 3 Ingredient Crockpot Chicken Tacos. I always keep the recipe on my 'recipe' tab but all you need is, salsa of your choice, one packet of taco seasoning and chicken breast. You place everything into the crockpot and cook all day! The chicken will literally fall apart by the time you're ready to use it which makes it easy to shred. We use the same tortillas, cheese and sauce as Sunday! I might make some guac, as well!

Wednesday: I am trying a new recipe on Wednesday, Honey Garlic Chicken! This will be another 3 ingredient crockpot meal. I normally never put veggies in the crockpot, only because I prefer them roasted. Any time we roast veggies we always sprinkle Cavender's greek seasoning on top, along with salt and pepper. On Wednesday, I will probably roast green beans to go along with the chicken. I will update later on with the measurements for the crockpot chicken!

Thursday: I plan to make turkey burgers with roasted broccoli, on Thursday. When "patty-ing" the burgers (is that a word? lol) I like to add finely chopped onion and garlic to the meat. This adds so much flavor!! We prefer the ground turkey because it typically has lower % of fat. And, like I said above, we will roast the broccoli with Cavendar's seasoning.

Friday/Saturday: One of these days will be leftover day. Using anything left over from the rest of the meals that week. The other day will be Crockpot Italian Chicken (this recipe can be found in my recipe tab) and roasted broccoli/green beans!

Snacks: Chips and salsa/hummus, banana and peanut butter, honey and peanut butter toast and cheese crackers!

Kid's Snacks: Bananas, puffs, squeeze food and avocado! Also, the canned green beans are for Cayman. They typically cook softer so they are easy for him to mush. I cook them with one cube of beef bouillon to add flavor!

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my first blog for meal planning! Feel free to message me about any questions you have!

Aimee :)