• Aimee Powell

All the Questions & Answers!

I have been thinking about this post for a while and finally decided that answering some questions can help y'all get to know me! I am also hoping that by answering some of these that we will be able to relate and connect a little more. Answering questions and talking with y'all through social media is one of my favorite parts about blogging. Who knew you could meet so many sweet people through an app?? I really enjoy sharing and giving back so I think that is why I enjoy blogging so much! I really do not expect people to be super interested in my life but I like building connections with people and social media is one easy way to do that! I didn't start this journey expecting to make an income off of it (though that would be super cool, right?) I really just wanted to share some knowledge and deals with people who are interested. So, needless to say here a some frequently asked questions about my family and I!

Q: How is being a young mom hard?

A: I don't think being a young mom is any harder than being a "regular" aged mom, they both come with their hard and easy times. For me, it was realizing that you no longer run on your schedule anymore. The baby makes the rules for a while and that can make running errands or seeing friends nonexistent or very rare. I will add, the best part about being younger is I get to spend more years with my kids! When they're 40 Corey and I will only be 60 and still able to go out and do things with them.

Q: Which pregnancy was the hardest and why?

A: Hands down Cayman's pregnancy was the hardest and not because I had any complications. I hate feeling limited to what I can and can't do especially when it comes to my kids. I just felt like it was harder to take care of Wren, later in my pregnancy, because of how tired and hard it was to do everyday mom things with a big belly. Wren was still under one when I had Cayman, so she was still a baby and very reliant on her mother.

Q: How long have you been with your husband?

A: So, Corey and I have been together for 3 years in May and married for 2 years this past January!

Q: Would you change having kids so early?

A: NOPE! Like I said above, we get to spend more "active" years with our kids and eventually our grandkids.

Q: Favorite type of wine?

A: I would say it is probably Lambrusco but Cabernet is a VERY close second!

Q: Do you want any more kids?

A: No, Corey and I have both agreed we like having 2 and would only try for 3 if the second was another girl. But we obviously have one of each and we are satisfied with them!

Q: Is it hard having kids so close together?

A: In the beginning, YES! Wren was too young to understand that she had to share her mom and wanted more attention from me after he was born than she ever did before. She was always so good and content playing by herself. Cayman was a baby who you could not put down without him screaming, and he wouldn't stop or fall asleep. So, he spent his first 4 months being held or in his carrier on me. Once Cayman hit the five month mark he was a brand new baby, He became the most chill relaxed baby ever and still is. It was very hard at first but I know they will grow up and be very close!

Q: Why did you decide to co-sleep?

A: We didn't ever plan to or decide not to with Wren. From two months, until we moved to our house now, she slept through the night in her crib. When we moved she stopped sleeping through the night and it got harder to lay her down. She would fall asleep on my chest and not move until Corey left for work the next day. With Cayman we almost had no choice. He would never let me set him down awake or asleep. He still has his moments where he doesn't want anyone but his mom (i'm secretly okay with this) but he has gotten so much better! He now sleeps in the pac-n-play in our room and normally he will sleep through the night.

Q: How long have you known Corey?

A: Corey and I met seven years ago at a mutual friends birthday party, when I was in 9th grade. lol. We didn't really talk again until the end of my first year of college. Who knew 7 years later we would be married with two babies!!

Q: How did you snap back from having two babies so quick?

A: Short answer is I didn't. I still have extra skin especially around my belly button. I weigh the same as I did before both babies but I still cannot fit into some of my shorts from before babies. I also, naturally have a very high metabolism and I chase after too very active babies all day. I am still not 100% satisfied with my body but I understand that everything is not going to be the same after having two kids in two years.

Q: Are you in college?

A: I acctually just graduated with my Bachelor's from Limestone this past December which I am very proud about! It was so convenient because everything, besides my internship, was completely online! I am also starting my Master's in education in June which is also online.

There are a few questions I am saving for the next Q & A blog post down the road. Thank you so much for your questions! If I didn't answer your question, feel free to dm me any time, I love hearing from you!

Aimee ❤