• Aimee Powell

Amazon at Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Having perfectly white teeth would be a dream come true! Sadly, I drink too much coffee and love red wine more than I should to expect that. I feel like my teeth are not naturally yellow, I just want them to be noticeably more white! I am constantly trying to be mindful of things that would stain my teeth but preventing every stain is almost impossible.

I have used Crest white strips before and I love how quickly those work. Unfortunately, they run $45 dollars for 20 treatments. To successfully have white teeth all the time you need to do 3-4 treatments a week so one pack will last you about one month. Since I am always trying to find the best product for your buck, I began to look at other ways to whiten your teeth from home. While the strips are the most popular way to go, they offer several other convenient ways to whiten from home.

I began looking through reviews of brands on Amazon. I always read Amazon's reviews (even if I don't end up buying the product off Amazon) because they always seem to be the most helpful and honest. This is when I came upon Dr. Song's kit. I bought it two years ago and I am still loving this brand! The steps are easy to understand and the products are easy to use. You heat the trays so you can form them to your teeth, they are a squishy rubber, so no uncomfortable hard trays! I have a problem with grinding my teeth at night so this tray help significantly.

A side note, I do not use the LED light because I am always sleeping when I do my treatment. Also, when you have used all the whitening gel from the kit you do not have to repurchase the kit. Dr. Song also sells refills on Amazon, 8 syringes, that cost around $14.

This is what the kit includes:

-2 Trays

-3 Syringes

-1 Led Light

My step-by-step guide:

1.) Follow the instructions on the box for impressing your trays. Next, brush and floss your teeth very well before beginning.

2,) After flossing, I use a clean finger and apply .5 ml amount of gel (labeled on the syringe) to my top teeth. I do not apply the whitening gel to my bottom teeth or my back teeth. I decided that since my teeth aren't that yellow I would save the product for my most visible teeth.

3.) I apply my top tray and wipe away any excess on my gums. Since this can cause sensitivity, only wear the trays for a short period and build up from there. If it does cause sensitivity, wait 24 hours before next treatment and use less gel. I now sleep in mine all night and I have never had any sensitivity!

4.) After treatment remove trays and brush your teeth! I began to notice whiter teeth within a week of 3-4 treatments!

The best part is that the kits is only $12.97 and prime! Click the picture of the kit for a direct link to the Amazon page.

I hope this post is helpful!