• Aimee Powell

Amazon Kimono ♡

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

I'm pretty sure kimonos are my favorite trend of the year! So light weight and perfect for this South Carolina HOT weather! If you saw my Amazon try on video, saved to my highlights, last week then you saw this kimono! The quality of this really surprised me. It is only $15.99 and PRIME! You can never go wrong with a kimono. I think it is the most simple way to spice up an outfit. Add some statement jewelry and voila! I also grabbed these rattan earrings from Amazon. They came in a pack of four and they are all very unique. Do not let the size fool you, they are very lightweight! Some of my favorite pieces of Jewelry has come from Amazon. These jean shorts are the perfect wash for me. I don't like anything too light but I needed something other than dark because that is the majority of my closet! These were only $10 from Walmart! I am wearing a size 1. They are high-waisted and I would consider these mid length. Just a enough to cover the booty!zz