• Aimee Powell

Amazon Favorites!

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

This post is my all-time top 10 Amazon finds! I cannot stress enough how Amazon Prime has changed our lives. It is so convenient and has such a wide variety of items. If you're not a prime member, you should be! Free two-day shipping on a ton of items is absolutely unbeatable.

This list is in no certain order just a compilation of my most used Amazon items. I have included the link on each picture!

-The best booties: I am not lying when I say that I wear these the most out of any bootie I own. They come in 9 colors and are so comfortable. These have never rubbed me wrong and never have they hurt my feet. I wore these through a Clemson game one time and if you know my husband, than you know we stood the ENTIRE game!

-V-neck Drawstring: I got this thin pullover back in fall and it is very rare that I go a week without wearing it. It is so easy to just throw on and so easy to style up or down!

-Necklace: This necklace has a very very small pendent, which is why I love it so much. This is very dainty and would be great for layering.

-Finishing Stick: I ordered this after I watched Aaryn William's tutorial. This literally looks like hair mascara but works like hairspray, lol! I have suffered from horrible baby hair since being pregnant with Wrenly and this Finishing Stick helps me keep them in place whenever I want to pull my hair up!

-Little Green Carpet Cleaner: Corey and I bought this back when we purchased my car two summers ago, to help remove any stains on the floorboards and mats. This has saved our lives on MULTIPLE occasions. I spray Oxy Clean on any stain and this gets the job done, quick!

-Nibble Mit: My son will ALWAYS chew on his hand! The first time we put this on his hand he was content for 45 min!

-Salt Lamp: I particularly love this one because it doesn't look like the typical salt lamps you see and it's easy to incorporate into your home decor!

-Headrest Tablet Holder: This carpet cleaner has also saved our lives on several occasions. On the days the kids do not want to nap in the car we use Netflix to keep them calm. This tablet holder will hold most tablets and most phones!

-Dr. Song Teeth Whitener: THIS WORKS! I use this whenever I want to brighten my smile. The only thing I will say is the results last as long as you keep up with it. Like every teeth whitener, consistence is key. I noticed a whiter smile in less than two days.

-Dyson Cordless Vacuum: I vacuum everyday, sometimes three times a day. I am an absolute neat freak, this has been a blessing and a curse, lol! This vacuum does have a high price tag but it is worth EVERY penny. The first time I used it on our carpets it was scary how much stuff it picked up!

If you have any questions about the products or sizing feel free to reach out to me!