• Aimee Powell

Bryan + Grace Boutique ♥

Y'all have seen me share this boutique MULTIPLE times. They always have the most realistic dupes and THE best prices! When you think of a boutique, you usually associate it with super expensive clothes. But, Bryan + Grace is THE most affordable boutique I have ever come across. They have shirts on their sight as low as $18 and that is not even a sale price! I am not lying when I say they beat any boutique in the price game. Their clothing isn't any less adorable, though!

Not only is everything on their sight something I want in my closest. lol. The boutique is run by a SUPER mom! She is a single mom running this company while still being an active mom and taking time for her children! I couldn't imagine shipping every single TB Sandal order she did which, might I add, included a handwritten thank you note, and still rock the mom game! If the wonderful prices and adorable clothes didn't make you want to buy everything, I bet you do now.

Back in February I ordered three pairs of their Tory Burch dupes for $25 and boy, I am so glad I did!! Not only are they very comfortable but they look identical to the real Miller sandals that go for $200. They aren't currently offering the sandals right now but I will share as soon as they do because they are THAT amazing!

Bryan + Grace is acctually offering another amazing dupe to the Gucci crossbody bag you see everywhere! I am SO excited to receive mine! If you hurry, you can snag one for yourself because they are currently running another pre-order! I would definitely jump on this one if I were you. The Gucci dupe comes in 7 different colors and is only $44!! I snagged the dark tan. ♥

Below I am linking some of my favorite pieces Bryan + Grace Boutique is offering right now! Also, here is Laurie from, The Glam Farmhouse, promo code for 10% off: GLAM10

If you are interested in my "avocado-holic" shirt I have linked that in my personal pictures above. It is from Target & only $12.99! Plus, the shirt is fully stocked online in sizes xs-xxl. ♥