• Aimee Powell

Country Concert Outfit Dets ♥

This is the SECOND time Corey and I have been able to see Eric Church in concert! The first time I was SUPER SUPER pregnant with Wrenly (8 months pregnant to be exact) and very uncomfortable. Luckily, it was such a great concert and I was able to enjoy it more!

I have been eyeballing a few pieces on Amazon for a few months, that I finally jumped the gun on. These pieces are all neutral colors, making them super easy to style in different ways! I cannot wait to wear them all summer. With the concert this weekend being on the warmer side, I decided to wear shorts that are ONLY $19 at H&M and it looks they're on sale for $15.99 online! Acctually, every piece I am wearing is SUPER affordable. The ENTIRE outfit is $120 and everything is from Amazon and H&M!

This fedora hat was only $17 so think I might end up snagging the 'camel' color later on because you just CANNOT beat that price! Free People sell a fedora hat almost identical to this one for $60. So , I'll save the extra $40 ANYDAY!

This Gucci belt dupe comes in different lengths and also in a tan color. This same company also has a bedazzled 'G' belt buckle that was SO hard not to get! This belt is very similar to the original that is going for $350 online.

This kimono comes in 22 different patterns and was only $15. This would look so cute over a bathing suit in the summer and could easily be worn with jeans in the fall! This has over 150 4 star reviews!

These distressed grey denim shorts are high-waisted and TTS. Also, my white tank came from H&M and it was $7.99 for a pack of two. I have been wanting to do a try on haul from H&M for a while, so look for that next month! Their prices always seem SO reasonable. I also just found out, you can save 15% on your purchase when you bring clothes in (from any brand and any store) and put them into their clothing box so they can up-cycle them! They're acctually having a special right now, you will get two 15% off coupons in the month of April.

I have linked everything in the product pictures below. Feel free to message me and ask about sizing!

Happy Shopping!

Aimee :)