• Aimee Powell

Delicate Imagery Photo Session

If we are friends on Facebook than you might have already seen our family photo session with Morgan. I couldn't help but share my favorites because they turned out even better than what I could have asked! Morgan did an amazing job getting my babies attention and making sure they were laughing the whole time. Before we arrived for our hour session my toddler was in a mood, mom's I know you understand, and she did not crack a smile until Morgan worked her magic and got this sweet photo of her running around!

When Morgan contacted me about working together I got so excited because you can never have enough family pictures! Young kids are naturally moody especially depending on if they have had their nap or not. I cannot talk enough about how sweet and diligent she was to make sure to get the perfect photo while making sure everyone was having a good time.

Morgan also made sure to let us have some mommy and daddy time so her sweet husband, Luke, played with our kids while she shot a few photos of just Corey and I. Luke was so sweet and did the best job keeping our kids laughing so we could focus on our pictures with Morgan. She use to work with a wedding photographer so she knows all of the poses and how to make the pictures look natural. I am in love with them ALL!

I am so happy with how the entire session and pictures turned out! If you're interested in a photo session with Morgan than be sure to go to her website, https://www.delicateimagery.com/ and checkout her Instagram @delicate.imagery :)