• Aimee Powell

Step-by-step to dermaplanning at home!

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

I was very skeptical about dermaplannig, especially doing it myself! The only reason I decided to try it was because I heard Shelby Ditch (@shelb_ditch on insta) rave about it and I was desperate to get rid of oil build up! Dermaplanning is a great way to exfoliate your face and get rid of unwanted fuzz. Another huge benefit of dermaplanning is the natural glow it gives your skin the next day and how evenly your foundation applies afterwards. Because I was so skeptical I wanted to 'test out' dermaplanning first. I am very prone to in-grown hairs and razor burn so I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to end up with an irritated face full of red bumps. I dermaplanned my face once a week for two weeks, I wanted to make sure I could see some really good skin benefits before sharing this new hack! Within the two weeks of dermaplannig I noticed more even skin tone, less noticeable pores, less black heads and my foundation looked so smooth! I let my face rest for two weeks and within a week I saw the reappearance pores, blackheads and oil buildup! Those two weeks of dermaplanning helped my skin more than I thought.

I decided that dermaplanning has definitely helped improve my skin and wanted to share my new found beauty tip with y'all! Before dermaplanning I watched several Youtube videos demonstrating techniques and if you go to Shelby Ditch's profile on Instagram she has a highlight titled, "dermaplanning." Her highlight has some of the best information and was the most helpful tutorial I have found. I would definitely watch her highlight before attempting this yourself. I am going to go through my step-by-step below and share the products that I use.

1. I always start with a freshly cleaned face. This is the affordable face wash I have been loving!

2. Just for good measures, I squeeze some toner on to a cotton pad and go over my face to make sure it is completely cleaned. Here is my go to toner!

3. Next, I pull my skin taught (watch the highlight i referred to earlier) to tighten up my skin with one hand and shave upward with the other. I shave my entire face making sure to go against the direction the hair grows, for the smoothest results. Be sure to take your time and go slow, its very easy to knick your skin. These are the razors I use!

4. After dermaplanning, I wash my face again to remove any shaven hair.

5. After the toner dries, I apply my hyaluronic acid serum and vitamin c serum. Here are the ones I use!

6. After letting my serums dry I apply my moisturizer and eye cream. Here are some I like!

Before looking into ways to help the appearance of my skin I didn't know how important the order is in which you apply your skincare products mattered! Here is a link to a post all about the importance of the order and the best order to apply them.


I am happy to answer any questions!