• Aimee Powell

Easy Peanut Butter Cereal Ball

I love easy recipes! If you've been around for a little bit then you know I live for my crock-pot. Though, in this recipe the crock-pot is not needed it is just as easy. My family and I LOVE peanut butter!! Seriously, Cay baby will just eat spoonfuls of it. lol. We are also a fan of all things honey. So I figured what could be better than peanut-butter and honey breakfast bite! I picked up all my ingredients at my local ALDI but the ingredients are so basic you probably already have them in your pantry!

Ingredient List:

- 6 Cups of Wholegrain Toasty Oats (Cheerios)

- 1 TSP Pure Vanilla Extract

- 1 12oz jar of Crunchy Peanut Butter

- 2/3 Cup of Honey (we prefer clover honey)


1.) Pour the Toasty Oats into a large mixing bowl and pour the peanut-butter into a microwave safe bowl.

2.) Heat the peanut-butter until easily stir-able than add the honey and vanilla.

3.) Pour the mixture over the Toasty Oats and mix until all the cereal is evenly covered.

4.) Spoon out mixture and leave in freezer until ready to eat!

* This would also taste good with peanut-butter cheerios or if you added mini chocolate chips!