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  • Aimee Powell

Favorite Personalized Jewelry

If you have been keeping up with me on my Instagram stories you might have noticed my ring that I wear EVERYDAY! The ring has Wrenly and Cayman's birthstone & names on it. This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and it was SUPER affordable.

The ring comes in rose gold and silver! You also have the option to engrave a message inside the band of the ring. These would make such a great gift for mothers & grandmothers. I have worn mine everyday since October, I don't take it off in the shower or when washing my hands and it still looks stunning! You can use the promo code: AIMEE22 for 22% off!


Another one of my favorite personalized pieces of jewelry is the necklace I am wearing in this picture! This bar necklace has our four birthdates on each side. This piece is very unique and it doesn't have a clasp, the bar slips through the circle making it super easy to put on yourself! This can be personalized however you'd like, I choose the birthdates because it fit perfectly for our family of 4!


Here are some product pictures of how others personalized these pieces! Also, you can use my discount code: AIMEE22 for 22% off PLUS they are offering FREE shipping during the holidays!