• Aimee Powell

Garden Plan 2019

So, I have been wanting to plant a garden since we moved in, in 2017. Literally, days after moving in we found out I was pregnant again & I can only imagine how hard it would to keep up with a garden with a HUGE belly. So, here we are summer '19 and I finally get my garden, yay!

I have read about every article from the Farmer's Almanac and watched every video on transplanting I could find. lol. I decided as beginners it would be easier to start with plants and not seeds! So I bought mostly plants and decided to get only corn and carrot seeds. I had NO IDEA how much planning went into having a garden. You have to consider the amount of sun, spacing, pollination, what grows well together and the amount of each plant you need in order to have good wind pollination. I felt soooo overwhelmed until I ran across the Farmer's Almanac Garden Planner! It works similar to Microsoft Excel. You tell it how big your garden is, where you are located and it lets you add the veggies you want into your spreadsheet. It shows how many plants can fit into one area, how much sun and water they need, when to plant and good companions to have near by. This made starting a garden much more realistic. I printed out the list and took it with me to my local feed and seed to make my trip easier.

While I was there I noticed how many varieties of each veggie were available. Luckily, a quick google search helped me decide which verities to get. This is the list of everything in our garden!

*Danvers Carrot- Corey eats these for snacks throughout his work day, this was an easy choice. These probably won't be able to be harvested until the end of July.

*Incredible Sweet Corn- Everyone on our house LOVES corn we will be planting more of these than any other veggie.

*Clemson Spineless Okra- We ended up with six okra plants hoping to have A TON of okra. I love okra fried and in vegetable soup!

*Better Boy Tomato- I am the only one that likes tomatoes but I felt like you couldn't have a garden without them. lol.

*Sweet Chelsea Cherry Tomato-These will be cherry tomatoes and really good to add to salads!

*Marigolds- The particular flower are known to attract pollinators, so I knew these were a must. Plus, they just make the garden look so pretty!

*Russet Potatoes- It will be a while before we can harvest these but we eat potatoes ALL the time. We love to fry them but they are just as good roasted with some seasoning salt!

*White Onion- This and garlic go into about every recipe we make so they will practically pay for themselves.

*Blue Lake Bush Beans- This is another veggie everyone in my house loves. Add some beef bouillon cubes while cooking and they taste SO good!

*Goldbar Squash- Everyone but Corey eats squash so I know these will be a big hit this summer.

*The King of the North Bell Pepper- We eat tacos about every week and like to mix these in with the meat and the homemade taco seasoning Corey makes. They are really good in my 3 Ingredient Chicken Taco recipe linked under my recipe tab! Go check it out!

Be sure to check out the Free Trial of the Farmer's Almanac linked above! This was definitely a LIFE SAVER when I decided to start a garden!

Happy Gardening :)