• Aimee Powell

I Wouldn't Leave Without...

I am such a planner that I have been thinking about what I need to bring on vacation for weeks. Especially, when you bring babies with you it is vital not to forget ANYTHING. This will be Corey and I's first week-long vacation with two kids. We went last year when Wrenly was Cayman's age but I knew things would be a little different with two under two. Both of my kids would stay outside all day if we let them so, we are going to be prepared to spend the majority of most days outside. Something that has been especially important to me this year is using mineral sunscreen to ensure protection for our skin. I've looked into several brands but the three I have chosen to use this year is Pacifica, Badger and Cerave. I picked up all three of these at Target. Below I am linking things for both the kids and I that I wouldn't leave without!