• Aimee Powell

Mom car hack!

As a mom leaving your house on time can be a difficult task. While you are busy making sure everyone else is ready it's easy to run out the door and forget a few things. I made a list of things I like to keep on hand in my car to make my life easier!

I keep my small market tote sitting on my passenger seat filled with things that I have caught myself leaving the house without when I am in a rush. The list below is things I keep in mine and a few new ideas of items I will get to add!

1. Deodorant- A good travel size deodorant is something that will never hurt to have on you. There has been countless times I have run out the door and forgot to put deodorant on.

2. On-the-go Toothbrush- embarrassing as this is, I have caught myself leaving the house brushing my teeth. These single use toothbrushes are very convenient for after a meal or when you have forgotten an important step after leaving your house.

3. Snack and Snack Cup- This is especially helpful for those times when your child refuses to take a nap in the car. This will keep them occupied and a lot less fussy. This is also my favorite snack cup for car and house use!

4. Extra Baby Wipes- I always love to keep an extra thing of wipes on me for a quick mess clean up. I honestly use baby wipes to clean EVERYTHING!

5. Car toy- On the days the snack won't occupy them than you can offer them a car toy. To make the toy feel new and exciting only off this toy to your child when they are in the car, this way they won't get tired of it. For safety purposes, I recommend something soft like a stuffed animal!

6. Chapstick- I keep a chapstick EVERYWHERE! I cannot stand having chapped lips. I linked my all time favorite chapstick.

7. High-chair Cover- I love this high-chair cover, it folds right into itself for easy storage. This can be used on buggies as well! This gives me a better piece of mind when I have to bring my kids out-and-about with me!

8. Organizer- I am considering on buying this XL organizer to keep in my market tote so that everything has a spot. This would make grabbing things out of the bag much easier when going down the road so you do not have to rummage through it.

I would love to hear of things you never leave the house without!