• Aimee Powell

New Years Resolutions!

Now that the Christmas craziness has settled and our house is slightly cluttered with new toys I really started to think about the New Year. Resolutions are a common topic this time of year and I never have really made any resolutions that have actually stuck for the entire year. So, this year I am determined to make resolutions I can hold myself to. I am creating this post to help keep myself accountable and give you some ideas on your own resolutions. I plan to do an updated post 6 months in!

1. Read one book a month!

Too often I will start a book and not get past chapter two. I will set it down and forget about it until it becomes lost or until it's time to return it to the library. So, I have decided to participate in a book club to help keep me interested and accountable. I've linked Reese Witherspoon's Book Club Facebook page to the picture above. I looked through her picks from last year and they all seem to have been something I would have liked. I also set post reminders to her book club page on Instagram, because that's the platform I use to most, to help remind me!

2. Try new recipes!

I have gotten way to use to cooking the same things every week so I am open to just about anything! I LOVE Aldi's and that is where we do the majority of our grocery shopping. I have searched "Aldi's recipes" on Pinterest and sooooo many great ideas came up. Below I have linked a few of the ones I want to try.

Chicken Enchiladas

Philly Cheesesteak Pasta

Honey Garlic Chicken

On Pinterest I also noticed that other bloggers have posted their entire Aldi's grocery list and the meals they made with them!

3. Make the bed every morning!

This one might sound dumb but I honestly feel MUCHH more put together and ready to start the day if my bed is made. Its something about how much cleaner the room looks when the pillows are off the floor and the comforter isn't thrown all over the bed. Having my bed made will also help with my bad habit of putting off folding the laundry. I usually fold the clothes on the bed but I won't if the bed isn't made! This will probably be the hardest resolution to stick to for me because it is something I will have to do before leaving for work and I already have a bad habit of not doing it.

I decided to only do three because I don't want to overwhelm myself because that will lead to me not sticking to any of them. These are pretty simple resolutions so I know I can stick to them once I get into a habit of doing them.

Thank you for reading and have a Happy New Year!