• Aimee Powell

Newlywed Gift Guide

I was trying to think of specials gifts Corey and I would have really enjoyed when we were first married. These can also be gifted to any married couple, I just had newlyweds in mind while I was putting it together! I hope this helps you shop for your couple friends this Christmas!

1.) Prayers for My Husband/Wife books: These books would also make great stocking stuffers or a gift to your spouse. This is a super thoughtful gift and I want to get them for Corey and I this year! These are sold separately on Amazon.

2.) His and Her Robes: These robes had great reviews and look super soft! Definitely handy to have during the cool weather!

3.) Monogrammed Cutting Board: This would be so cute to display in any kitchen and it has a nice personal touch to it!

4.) His and Her Mugs: These would also be a great wedding gift and something cute to enjoy hot chocolate in during winter!

5.) Massage Kit: I thought this was a really unique and inexpensive gift idea for a new happy couple! I have never seen anything like this!

6.) Rectangle Wine Glasses: I LOVE the shape of these glasses and any new home owner will never turn down a gift that helps stock up a kitchen!

7.) Cocktail shaker: This mixer has 8 different cocktail recipes that you can use by rotating the outside cup!

8.) The Wine Bar Cocktail Recipe Book: The set of 8 books contain 100 cocktail recipes. They are separate liquor themed books with at least 12 recipes in each!

9.) Diffuser: This diffuser looks so nice and sure to go with most home decor. The neutral colors and marbled design make it decorative and functional!

10.) Personalized Doormat: This is a great gift for a new home buyer and has amazing reviews!