• Aimee Powell

Sea Life Aquarium-Concord, NC

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

If you have a toddler, then you understand what it's like staying inside all day. The day before our aquarium trip we spent about 9 hours in a car coming back from vacation. By about 10am the next day, my children were already tired of being inside at home. Last minute, we planned a trip to Sea Life. We purchased our tickets online, in the car, on our way to Concord. It was so convenient ! If you click this link and enter your email, you will receive 20% off your purchase!


Since the aquarium was attached to the mall, we also stopped by a couple of shops. Per Corey's request, we got pretzel bites (with cheese, of course) and a frozen lemonade from Auntie Annes. Wrenly had a couple sips and was OFF THE WALLS. Luckily, this mall also includes a really good children's play area inside. We were able to take Wren and let her blow off some energy before taking her to the restaurant. We chose to take the kids to a hibachi restaurant in hopes of keeping them entertained. The name of the restaurant was Nakato. It was close to the mall and on the way home.

If you need a rainy day activity, an excuse to go shopping or if the summer heat is just too much then I couldn't recommend this aquarium more!