• Aimee Powell

Self Tanning Tips!

I have linked everything at the end!

So I recently decided to start self-tanning mainly because I don't have the time to go to the tanning bed anymore. I did a poll on my blog to see which self-tanners y'all like the best and the answers came FLOODING in! I didn't realize how popular self-tanning is and how late I am to the game! I have only tried the St. Moriz Self-Tanning Mouse in Dark that I have linked so I cannot speak for the other tanners but I am going to leave a list of a few of the MOST recommended tanners from y'all below!

1.) St. Tropez

2.) Fake Bake

3.) St. Moriz

I haven't even gone through an entire bottle of the mouse yet and I am already IN LOVE! But needless to say because I haven't self-tanned for months than I am by no means an expert, I just figured I would share my most helpful tips.Like most, I was VERY skeptical about tanning at home because I was so afraid I would turn out orange or splotchy. To my surprise NEITHER of these happened and I actually LOVED the color that developed! So below I am sharing the tips that I think have helped me get a perfect tan. I'll also be linking the other products that I use during my tanning routine!

1.) The morning or the night before I know I am going to be applying the tan I will shower, exfoliate and shave. I think EXFOLIATING has a HUGE affect on how evenly the tan will apply and how long the tan will last. Exfoliating gets all the dead skin off so the tan can sit evenly on your skin.

2.) Immediately before I apply the tan I apply my fragrance free Aveeno lotion on all the drier spots on my body and any spots that tend to hold the tan more (knees, elbows, face, ankles, hands and feet) so that the tan won't look uneven once I am finished,

3.) When applying the tan I have always only used the mitt on my body making sure to go in a circular motion to ensure I am not left with any streaks.

4.) I use an Elf Kabuki Brush when applying the tanner to my face because I feel it gets the product everywhere, were as the mitt isn't nearly as flexible making it hard to make sure the tanner is evenly applied.

5.) I use any left over product on my mitt to hit any places that crease or are dry like my knuckles, elbows, knees and ankles. When I am applying to the areas I make sure they are bent so I am not left with white streaks from where I didn't apply the tanner.

6.) To apply my tanner to my back I either get Corey to do it or I will rubber band the mitt to my hair brush. lol. It might seem weird but I honestly still get an even tan out of it!!

7.) The instructions say to leave the tanner on for 4-6 hours but I sleep in mine because that is about the only time I am not constantly washing my hands because of how many diapers I change. lol. The instructions say to AVOID water while the tan is developing.

8.) I rinse off the tanner in the shower in the morning with lukewarm water but I DON'T use ANY soap. I also don't wash my hair to avoid the soap running down my body and messing up my tan. I will take a regular shower that night and often times the water will still have a tent of brown when I am washing off the soap but the tan stays.

9.) After my morning shower (without using soap) and my night shower (using soap) I will apply the Aveeno lotion all over to help ensure the tan stays as long as possible.

10.) By the end of 5 days the tan has almost completely faded depending how how often I shower or sweat. Before I reapply I make sure to exfoliate again to ensure all of the tanner from the last application is gone and then I start these steps all over again!

I hope this helps one of you when deciding to start self-tanning! Your older self will thank you for avoiding the tanning bed as often. I was very nervous to try this but I decided that if I didn't like the outcome I could exfoliate most of it off and it will faed by day 5. Thank you for reading and be sure to let me know how these tips work for you!!

Amiable Aimee :)