• Aimee Powell

Thrift Shop DIY

Gifts mean so much more when they are hand-made. This Christmas I wanted to get a little creative. I love crafts and this one is so easy and versatile! The books can be stamped with names, favorite phrases or favorite verses. You could use these for any season or birthday gifts.

Below I linked the exact products I used!

Things you'll need

Ink pad


Hot glue gun

Hot glue

Clear typewriter alphabet stamps

Soft cover books (in various sizes)- I bought mine at my local thrift shop!


1. The first step is to take the backings off the books. To do this easily, without leaving much of the cover left on the spine, I grabbed the front and back cover and made it flat and alternated tearing each side of the spine.

2. The next step is to stamp the books. This step took trial and error to get the right amount of ink on the stamps. Too much ink lead to bleeding and not enough ink made the letters too light to read. I suggest buying an extra book to practice on. To help align the letters I bought the clear stamps and I also only used lower case letters.

3. After stamping all your books, decide what order you would like them in. Next, trace the edges of your books with hot glue and begin stacking them. I choose to mis-align them to give my set a raw look.

4. After the books are set cut the length of twine so that you can wrap it around your set 3-4 times. Tie the ends of the twine and secure it with hot glue. I choose to have the knot on the back of the book so that it was hidden.

I hope these four easy steps help you this Christmas season. I would love to see your completed stamped book sets, so please take a picture and share it with me!