• Aimee Powell

Walmart PJamsss!

As you guys know I am spending a good amount of time sharing finds from Walmart, only because they have STEPPED UP their game! I know, I have said this a million times before but it's true. I think they're trying to steal some competition from Target butttt we'll see how that goes. lol. Anyways, this post is alllll about Pjams, because who doesn't love an excuse to but super soft and comfy PJams for theirselves?? MOM'S it's OKAY to buy stuff for yourself every now and then!!! I know plenty of mom's who struggle buying something for theirselves BUT these PJ's are CUTE and CHEAP! I never thought those two words could be used in the same sentence but I made an exception for these! The line I particularly love is called Secret Treasures and they carry sizes S-3X! Everything is linked below:)