• Aimee Powell

Walmart Style!

When I say it is hot here I mean I think some opened the door to h-e-double hockey sticks! The 'feels like' temperature has said 104 degrees. I have been doing everything to make it bearable to be outside, since both of my kids can only stay inside for so long. We have eaten more popsicles, drank more juices boxes and sweat in more places than I would like to say. Thank goodness we will have access to the lake tomorrow because it is much needed!!

I absolutely love clothes and all things fashion. Obviously, or I wouldn't have started this blog! Finding affordable clothes is my niche because I understand tight budgets. I am a mom of two, who is fortunate to get to stay home with them both. This blog has become my creative outlet where a can talk and share my favorites with you guys! Luckily, Walmart has seriously stepped up their game and given me some great SUPER affordable pieces to share with y'all!!

I have found these tanks to be very breathable, it is very similar to athletic clothing material. The tight-fit has not once bothered me in this heat! In addition to this tank, which is under $4 MIGHT I ADD, these shorts are also from Walmart. They are also veryyy affordable ringing up ONLY $5. The elastic waist band is so comfortable it doesn't even feel like I am wearing pants. The length is AMAZING and definitely covers the whole booty. These shorts come in several other colors and patterns as well as the tank! The white tank is slightly see through so I suggest a nude bra to wear with it. Both pieces are true to size and I am wearing an XS in both!

Happy shopping, girls!!